Junior World Gliding Champion visits Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club

On Saturday 18th January, Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club were honoured to host Jake Brattle, Junior World Gliding Champion and Finn Sleigh, Junior World Gliding Silver Medalist, for a winter lecture on Cross Country gliding theory and technique.

Besides delivering a highly interesting and motivating session on flying faster in your glider Jake and Finn had an inspiring story to tell about their journey through meticulous preparation, months of training and carefully considered decisions to win the pinnacle of Junior Gliding.

We were impressed by both of these pilots focus and dedication as well as their obviously careful management of risk to ensure safety is a paramount consideration.

None of us present will forget, “how to reject a thermal” any time soon and we will surely watch Jake’s and Finn’s future gliding careers with interest, admiration and not just a little envy.




From left to right: Steve Jones (ESGC chairman), Finn Sleigh, Jake Brattle
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