Visitors Information

We welcome all visitors to ESGC including members of the general public as well as pilots from other clubs, but please read the following information very carefully:

Please visit us at any time we are operating  – generally all day Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and possibly any other days throughout the summer months (May-September) if weather permits. We have a large and comfortable clubhouse with pilot briefing, cooking and shower facilities, but we do not presently have a bunkhouse. Overnight visitors may bring caravans or tents onto the site.

General Public

Once you have found your way to Wormingford Airfield (directions here), please park in the visitors’ car park and first of all go to the clubhouse to find someone who can brief you on airfield safety and where you should and should not go. If there is nobody in the clubhouse, or we are operating from the West end of the runway, please call the mobile number of the launch vehicle displayed on the wall. You may often find people working in the hangar or in the trailer park so please ask them to guide you. Sometimes we need to fly from the other end of the airfield from the clubhouse, so if there is nobody around at the clubhouse end, please call the number mentioned above and drive carefully around the perimeter track in front of the clubhouse, round the eastern end of the runway on the concrete track, and over to the winch. The winch driver will give you further instructions. Do not drive up the track on the south side of the runway without prior permission, as a launch may be in progress.

Visiting Pilots

Glider pilots are most welcome to visit by road or by air. Please note however, if you arrive by air, that we have very restricted planning permission for powered aircraft, including motorgliders and microlights, so you will not normally be permitted to take off again under your own power. When operating, we are normally monitoring 123.815MHz and winch launching up to 3,000ft above ground. Please be aware of (and respect) the airspace restrictions nearby and above due to the Stansted CTA, the Earls Colne ATZ to the west, and Nayland airfield to the east. Circuits will normally be on the downwind side of the airfield, but aircraft may use either circuit, so please keep an excellent lookout, particularly towards the opposite circuit. If arriving by road, we have two large trailer parks with plenty of space for visiting trailers. Our co-ordinates are 592.77E  231.00N and our main runway is aligned 27/09.

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