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Gliding Experience

A Gliding Experience consists of a single winch launch leading to a soaring flight of approximately 8 to 10 minutes. Time in the air is very dependent on the time of year and the weather conditions at the time of the flight.

Gliding Experience flights must be booked in advance. Bookings are available from April to October, normally on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Upon booking you will be advised of the time you should arrive at the airfield, BUT this will not necessarily be the time you will fly. The club is often busy and Gliding Experiences may be slotted in with other flights; therefore you should be prepared to be at the club for at least an hour or so.

Gliding is very much a co-operative sport where everyone helps each other. If you want to participate in these general activities during your Gliding Experience, please speak to your instructor who will brief you. Your flying tuition will be in one of the club’s two-seater gliders with a British Gliding Association qualified instructor, who will give you a full briefing before take off.

For safety reasons, all members and visitors who fly with us must meet or exceed certain minimum medical requirements, and be neither too heavy nor too light for correct ballasting of the aircraft. The majority of people will meet these requirements with ease. For full details please see Medical and Weight Issues. Terms and Conditions are available here.

Discounted to just £49.00 you can have a Gliding Experience day membership, a winch launch and a flight lasting between 8 and 12 minutes. Click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase:

Alternatively, if you are a Junior (under 18 years old) we offer a discounted Gliding Experience rate for just £25!

Click the “Buy Now” button below for this offer:


33 Responses to Buy a Gliding Experience

  1. Sarah Payne 02/07/2017 at 19:11 #

    I was wondering when you fly for the gliding experience or couples session? Is it just weekends or would a Friday afternoon be possible?

    Many thanks

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 04/07/2017 at 08:53 #

      Hi Sarah,

      yes Friday afternoon is a possibility. Just tell Lynn that you would like to fly on Friday afternoon


  2. Phil Gilbert 12/01/2017 at 15:21 #

    Hi, I was thinking of calling to book a glider experience for my Dad’s 70th birthday in January. I wonder do you have age restrictions and how long are waiting lists?


    • Avatar photo
      Den Heslop 12/01/2017 at 20:06 #

      Hi Phil,
      There are no specific restrictions apart from normal weight limitations and any severe medical conditions that may endanger the flight. Age is not a problem. The waiting list will depend upon your Dad’s availablity, but we ask you to book the course then speak to Lyn Bone to arrange a suitable day and time. Please call us if you require any further information.

      • Phil Gilbert 13/01/2017 at 09:31 #

        Thank you for your reply, i have called the number on your website this morning to enquire further and left an answer phone message. Hope to hear from you soon.
        Regards, Phil.

  3. Brett 19/02/2016 at 09:55 #

    Hello, if I purchase a day membership, where do I book a certain day/time??

    Thank you

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 21/02/2016 at 21:01 #

      Hi Brett,

      May I suggest you please call Lyn Bone who coordinates the Trial Lesson diary. Her telephone number is 0330 123 9277


  4. Gabriel 30/10/2015 at 09:27 #

    Hi I want to be a pilot and I want to now how old you have to be to be a glider

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 31/10/2015 at 15:12 #

      Hi Gabriel,

      to fly solo you have to be 14 years of age. You can start flying with an instructor a lot earlier – so you are ready for your 14th birthday to go solo.
      We do have a cadet scheme at the club to help young persons who want to learn to fly (we had I think 4 or 5 youngsters going solo this year – see our Facebook page).
      It would be best if you can get in touch with George Green who runs the cadet scheme at the club. His contact details are email: mobile: 07917414723 .

      I hope that is of help for you. If you do have further question please get in touch.

      Best regards

  5. Jessica pollard 08/10/2015 at 10:40 #


    I was hoping to buy a gliding experience for my husband for Xmas. However he has a heart condition and didn’t know if he would be allowed to but I have read online if he is fit to drive it shouldn’t be a problem. I was just wondering what your policy is?
    Thanks in advance

    • Avatar photo
      Den Heslop 08/10/2015 at 17:08 #

      Hi there Jessica,
      It should not be a problem, depending on the severity of the condition, however if you would prefer to confirm before purchasing the voucher, please call the club and ask to speak with a Committee member or Instructor.
      Regards, Den.

  6. Chloe 10/08/2015 at 15:35 #

    Hey, how old do you have to be to do the gliding experience?

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 12/08/2015 at 13:24 #

      Hi Chloe,

      The limiting factor is more size and weight rather than age. We had some seven and eight years old scouts on flights recently.
      If you can give us those details we can tell you if it is possible.


      • Nigel 01/10/2015 at 15:50 #

        Can you tell me the weight / height limit for flying please?

        • Avatar photo
          Den Heslop 04/10/2015 at 22:10 #

          Hi Nigel,
          You can find further details in respect of height and weight limitations here
          Thanks, Den.

    • Geoff Catchpole 26/10/2015 at 08:07 #

      For a junior gliding day/experience is 150 cm height and 40kg OK?

      • Avatar photo
        Den Heslop 26/10/2015 at 14:52 #

        Hi Geoff, yes we will be able to accommodate these measurements.

  7. becky 09/08/2015 at 13:14 #


    i am looking at getting this as a gift for my husband. How long is the valid for? As i can see from about you do not operate in the winter.


    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 10/08/2015 at 09:52 #

      Hi Becky,

      the vouchers are valid for one year.
      We also fly through winter, but don’t do gliding experience, trial lesson or day courses as it would be a great experience through the cold months and the flights would be very short.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Best Regards

  8. Rebecca 27/05/2015 at 12:40 #

    Hi, I want to book for someone however they have epilepsy, will they be able to do it?

    Many Thanks

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 28/05/2015 at 19:17 #

      Hi Rebecca,

      I will check if that is okay – hopefully I will have an answer for you by tomorrow evening.


  9. Ellie 05/05/2015 at 16:12 #

    Hello. I would like to book a gliding experience for my boyfriend for his birthday. I don’t have a card to use on PayPal. Is there any way I can book and pay on the day please

    • Avatar photo
      Andreas Rieder 05/05/2015 at 18:52 #

      Hi Ellie,

      yes sure there is. Could you please contact Lyn Bone to arrange for the date and agree the payment terms with her (we generally except cheques and cash).
      Her telephone number is 0330 123 9277.

      I hope that helps and you and your boyfriend have a great day flying with us.

      Best regards

  10. Ben 09/03/2015 at 21:21 #


    I am thinking of booking a couples gliding experience; would we go up individually or together? (I’m not sure if they have 2 or 3 seats)
    Also what is the earliest you can do the experience?

    Many Thanks.

    • Avatar photo
      Den Heslop 09/03/2015 at 23:50 #

      Hi Ben, you would fly individually with an instructor in a two-seat glider. This page on the website will give you further details and I suggest you call Lyn Bone on the number displayed to discuss available dates and times. Thanks for the enquiry.

  11. karen 03/03/2015 at 17:08 #

    hi, i am thinking of booking my husband an gliding experience day for his 50th birthday, is it easier to book through you or through buy a gift?

    • Avatar photo
      Den Heslop 03/03/2015 at 19:45 #

      Hi Karen, It will much cheaper and easier to book direct with us.

      • karen 04/03/2015 at 10:47 #

        Hi Den
        thank you, do you supply a voucher or do I need to book a certain date, his birthday is in september but I dont think you are open on his actual day which is a tuesday

        • Avatar photo
          Den Heslop 04/03/2015 at 22:39 #

          Hi Karen,
          After purchasing the Gliding Experience or Trial Lesson online here, you will receive email confirmation then a voucher will be sent to you by post. You can then discuss booking a convenient day and time with Lyn Bone on 0330 123 9277.
          Please let us know if require any further help.

  12. Anita 10/01/2015 at 15:50 #

    Do you still run your gliding experience sessions during the winter months. I was hoping to book something for Feb/ March?

    • Avatar photo
      Den Heslop 11/01/2015 at 18:33 #

      Hi there, we don’t actually book Gliding Experience or Trial Lessons during the winter months, however if you just turn up on a nice flyable day we will try our utmost to accommodate you.

  13. Alex Quayle 16/10/2014 at 12:21 #

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether you still offered flights during the winter months? I was looking to organise something for November or possibly December?

    Many thanks

    • Webmaster 20/10/2014 at 14:09 #

      Hi Alex, unfortunately we do not book trial lessons during the winter months, but if you are local and would like to visit the club on a suitable day we would be happy to try and arrange a flight for you.

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