Junior Gliding Competition & Coaching

2014 Junior Gliding Championships & Two Seater Training

The 2014 Junior Championships are due to take place at Lasham from 16th – 24th August.  As usual, alongside the competition, they will be running a Two Seater Training Course.  Applications are now open for both the competition and the course – if you are not sure if you will enter the competition, you can always apply for both.  Whilst you need a silver to fly in the competition, you do not need one at time of applying, but you will not get a place until you have completed your silver.  There are no requirements to apply for the Two Seater Training, other than being very keen. Junior Gliding This year there is no entry fee, and there will still be a number of free aerotows available. Of course, sponsors are always welcome and any leads would be appreciated – please email pete.masson@launch-point.co.uk. Applications are invited for those whose 26th birthday falls after 2014.  Applications for the Competition and Two Seater Training should be in by 30th of April (you can still apply after, but don’t get priority). Go to www.gliding.co.uk/juniorsentry to apply and for more information.

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