BGA Club Maintainers Course

maintainerscourse1On Saturday 10th December the Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club was visited by Gordon McDonald, the BGA Chief Technical Officer, who kindly delivered the BGA Club Maintainers Course describing with the aid of 200 plus slides what maintenance is allowed by glider owner pilots. Remember as club members we also own and fly the club gliders and Mike will no doubt co-opt certain members to assist in those tasks which are allowed under EASA owner/pilot maintenance schedules.

maintainerscourse2Thirty members of the ESGC and fourteen visitors from Essex, Rattlesden and Dunstable Gliding Clubs were kept entertained and amazed from 09.30 to 18.00. Gordon explained what was permitted (more than we might have thought)Β and also showed slides of faults and defects found during DI’s or during scheduled maintenance programs – seeing the faults some gliders had been flying with was chilling!


See the club email from Mike to find out how to access the presentation and note his comments.


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