Inter Club League first competition day

The 2015 Inter Club League got on the way at Tibenham today. The weather required to get on task quickly as in the afternoon it will deteriorate and eventually forecast to rain, so any pilot not completing the task by 16:00 will most likely land-out.
Pilots from Norfolk Gliding Clug (NGC), which is hosting the first event this year, Rattelsden Gliding Club (RGC) and last but not least ESGC. All of them took aerotows between 11:30 and 12:45 and are well into their task by now.
The other task sheets as they were handed out this morning:
Inter Club League Novice task Saturday May 2nd
Inter Club League 2015 Intermediate task May 2nd
Inter Club League 2015 Pundit task May 2nd

Once the pilots are all back and their logs have been analysed we will post the results.

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