Junior Glider Pilot Scholarships

2014 Gliding Scholarship Opportunities For Junior Glider PilotsJunior Glider Pilot

There are currently a range of gliding scholarships available to support the training and development of younger pilots, both pre- and post-solo.

The opportunities available  for the junior glider pilot, and accepting applications at present are:

  1. Philip Wills Memorial Fund Scholarships. Full details of the PWMF scholarships have now been published. The scholarships, which will each be up to £500 in value, are specifically aimed at helping post-solo development in younger pilots, up to age 30. Applications, which must be endorsed by club CFIs, are now open and must be received by 15th March. Full details and application forms are available at http://www.gliding.co.uk/bgainfo/pwmf/scholarships.htm
  2. RAeC Trust Bursaries. These bursaries are available to young pilots, aged 16-21, who have already reached solo standard to enable them to achieve greater competence in their particular air sport. Applications must be received at the BGA office by 10th March. Full details are on the RAeC Trust web site at http://www.royalaeroclubtrust.org/bursaries (note that applications must not be sent directly to the Trust as they need to be countersigned by the BGA).
  3. Air League Scholarships. Applications for 2014 Air League Gliding Scholarships close on 22 February. These are open to the post-solo junior glider pilot, aged from 16 to 25, and are intended to help younger pilots widen their gliding experience. This year, awards are available covering basic aerobatic training, cross-country training and SLMG NPPL training. Full details are at http://www.airleague.co.uk/scholarships/gliding-scholarships/
  4. GAPAN Scholarships.  The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Young Members Group offer, through a selection process, anyone over the age of 14 the chance to fly at a BGA Junior Gliding Centre of their choice.  The scholarships provide for a period of membership and 20 winch launches which could take a candidate to at least first solo. The scholarship funding does not cover the cost of travelling to London for interview or travel and subsistence costs during training.  Closing date for receipt of applications is 12 March 2014 and interviews will be held in London on 2 May 2014. Full details are at https://www.gapan.org/career-matters/scholarships/

Please note the application deadlines.

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