Fixed Price To Solo Gliding

Fixed Price Gliding

The ultimate package to achieve solo gliding. If you really want to become a pilot, for £1,000 including membership you get up to 1 year’s unlimited launches and flying time to achieve your target of going solo.

After 1 year the scheme closes and the member continues his/her training at normal club rates. The scheme must be entered into within 12 launches of joining ESGC and these flights will be credited towards the cost.

The scheme is intended to be used for training flights flown with a BGA full-rated or assistant-rated instructor at Wormingford. Shared flights with other club members are not covered by the scheme. The maximum length of any flight paid for by the scheme is 1 hour. If a flight lasts longer than 1 hour, any duration in excess of one hour will be charged at the club per-minute rate in force at that time. Junior members are eligible for a discount off the core pricing structure.

For safety reasons, all members and visitors who fly with us must meet or exceed certain minimum medical requirements, and be neither too heavy nor too light for correct ballasting of the aircraft. The majority of people will meet these requirements with ease. For full details please see Medical and Weight Issues. Terms and Conditions are available here.

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