Gliding Day Course

Attend a Go For Gliding Course

Go For Gliding Whilst we do offer short trial lessons, a much better-value alternative is to take a Go For Gliding Course. This consists of 6 winch launches, or 3 winch launches with extended soaring flights, or a combination of both. The instruction will be more intensive, and a full briefing on gliding and the theory […]

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London Southend Airport

Southend Airport Airspace Grab!

As anticipated, London Southend Airport are looking to acquire a huge slice of Class D airspace which, if granted, will extend from the Thames estuary all the way up to Clacton, and effectively  making glider flights to our South untenable. Can we do anything to counter this proposal? AOPA’s statement indicates that it’s a done […]

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Glider Finish

BGA 2014 Nationals Competition Calendar

The dates and venues for next year’s Nationals are as follows; Standard Class/Open Class Nationals (Lasham): 24th May to 1st June 2014 18m Class Nationals (Husbands Bosworth): 5th to 13th July 2014 Club Class Nationals (Dunstable): 26th July to 3rd August 2014 15m Class Nationals (Tibenham): 16th to 24th August 2014 Junior Championships (Lasham): 16th to […]

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A record flight, by Rob Lockett.

Tibenham to Truro in an old Olympia 2b by Rob Lockett. Flicking through the ancient pages of my Olympia 2b’s glider logbook it appears that in the 1950’s and 1960’s pilots were duty bound to crash following any kind of winch launch failure or other eventuality, no matter how minor. Several times this practice led […]

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Fixed Price To Solo

Buy Fixed Price To Solo Gliding

The ultimate package to achieve solo gliding. If you really want to become a pilot, for £615 + current normal membership you get up to 1 year’s unlimited launches and flying time to achieve your target of going solo. This unique scheme includes all winch launches, instruction and flying fees for a period of 1 […]

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EASA Pilot Licence Conversions

This note intends to bring glider pilots up to date on the subject of conversion from BGA Gliding Certificates and endorsements to an EASA licence and associated ratings. Summary 1. From April 2015, all pilots flying EASA aircraft, including sailplanes, must hold a valid Part-FCL licence. 2. The BGA will handle the process of converting […]

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